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Certain Risks Using Comm-Tools
You acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent to the use of the ICQ Server, MSN-Server or Yahoo-Server, End User software, this website and all services available on or through this website and the Comm Servers. These include, but are not limited to, disclosure of confidential information (including personal details), the improper operation of the services (such as failing to function or to function correctly), and the risk that third parties directly or impersonating themselves as someone they are not, will contact you or attempt to contact you as a result of our provision of and/or your use of the services. IF YOU PUBLISH PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING Identity USER NUMBERS, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THIRD PARTIES COULD HARASS YOU, ATTEMPT TO CONTACT YOU, AND, TRY TO HARM YOU. It is therefore important that you do not publish personal information and that you understand that any disclosures are made by you at your own risk.

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